Narratives and Stories

“Hamutal, what is the difference between narrative and story”? A nice man asked me this question following a short lecture I gave on storytelling for social change. I had a long, well articulated response to offer, but we only had a 15 minute coffee break and other people were waiting with their questions. Thus. My short answer was: narrative is our way to remember; story is our way to transform ourselves and our society. We need narratives to remember, to construct our individual and collective identities. However, from the same memories, different stories can emerge.
Sometimes, new stories are born out of situations of crisis and discontent and sometimes they emerge after a long and quiet process, like fruits ripening on a tree. And very often stories need help in being delivered into the world. If you or your organization have reached that exciting crossroad and you simply must tell a new story, please contact me and we will embark on a journey that begins with a narrative and unfolds into a story
Yours, Hamutal

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