An Open Letter to My Jewish American Friends

To my dear Jewish American friends,

Over the years, I have expressed my appreciation and love to you all. But today I am writing to you in solidarity.

But first, I want to say thank you.

For the friendship and partnership and for what I have learned from you all in my 30 years as a social change activist and leader.

For your relentless commitment to healing and mending this broken world of ours.

For supporting Israel as a new nation and its burgeoning civil society; its human rights and social justice groups, peace and shard society organizations, feminist and women's organizations, its schools, museums and fringe arts scene, its universities and hospitals.

For standing by us, social change activists, as we are fighting to make Israel the best that it can and should be.

For remaining in deep dialogue with us through some deeply troubling times.

For coming here on family vacations, missions and study tours.  

For listening attentively and with genuine curiosity to the stories we share with you.

For caring about the people who live here in Israel, Jews and Arabs.

For your supportive emails in times of trouble.

Thank you for the courageous conversations about what it means to love Israel even as it turns its back to you and the way you chose to celebrate your Jewish identity or live by your Jewish values.

I know our friendship and partnership will endure, even as our political leaders are waging war on freedom of thought and expression, and even as they label those who hold a different worldview as disloyal or ignorant. I know that the shared commitment for healing the world will withstand this murky wave of politics of hatred.

With love and appreciation,