Storytelling tools chest: what is storytelling?

What is storytelling?
The short definition is: the art of telling a story; to share stories that compel, excite and inspire.
It is about the stories that make their way through ceaseless stream of content, information and fake news; stories that grab us; make us pause and pay attention.
But storytelling is so much more than performing well in an era of sponsored content. Storytelling is first and foremost about knowing that we have important stories to tell; that our voices matter and that our lives are meaningful and intertwined with those of others. Storytelling is to connect with, listen to and have impact on others.
So how do we do that?
First important step: appreciation.
Appreciate ourselves; the lives we are living and our dreams for the future. Fathom the magnitude of the storms we have endured and the power of the values that shaped who we are. To celebrate our resilience in the face of cruelty and violence and to rub the dust and rust off the cries we wanted to voice, but kept silent.
Appreciation can be learned. Contact me if you wish to learn more:

מאת: Hamutal Gouri

מייסדת ומנהלת consult4good, חוקרת תרבות, מרצה ומנחה ומספרת סיפורים לשינוי חברתי. Founding Director, Consult4good & Impact Storytelling. Believes that change begins when silence is broken

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